NC Real Estate Exam Comprehensive Audiobook (download) v1


Here is Anne Rasheed’s comprehensive North Carolina Real Estate Exam Audio program. This program contains over 4 hours of material that will help you pass one of the hardest Real Estate Exams in the country. Anne has been a Real Estate Agent for over 20 years and has real life experience to help you pass the exam.

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Our Program Covers:
    • Real Property, Personal Property and Fixtures
    • Estates in Real Property
    • Ownership of Real Property
    • Encumbrances to Real Property
    • Methods of Transferring Title to Real Property
    • Public Land Use Controls
    • Deeds
    • Types of Property Description
    • Three Methods of Title Assurance
    • Landlord and Tenant Law
    • Agency and Related Law
    • Basic Contract Law
    • Listing Contracts and Practices
    • Sales Contracts and Practices
    • Other Types of Sales Contracts
    • Property Management
    • Residential Property Disclosure Act
    • Fair Housing
    • Federal Income Taxation of Real Estate
    • Property Insurance
    • Residential Building Construction
    • Environmental Hazards
    • Mortgages and Deeds of Trust
    • Financing Methods
    • Real Estate Financing Practices
    • Real Estate Valuation

Taught by Award Winning Educator
Over 4 Hours of NC Cram Course Material
Mp3 Download for Mobile device
Program updated each year to reflect new commission rules