“Me and my wife both passed all of our exams just fine and have already signed part time with a local firm. The products and information you and Anne provided were so very helpful! To be honest without Anne’s teaching and your audio product I would probably still be trying to pass the exam. Hat’s off to you guys we commend you both for all your dedicated work. Thank you again!”
Corey Swift

North Carolina Real Estate Broker

Does your school offer our program?

We offer approved schools and instructors discounts on our program to offer their students. If your school has not yet partnered with us, have them contact us on our website and we’d be happy to set them up with a free account. 

NC Real Estate Exam Comprehensive Audiobook (download)

Here is Anne Rasheed’s comprehensive North Carolina Real Estate Exam Audio program. This program contains over 4 hours of material that will help you pass one of the hardest Real Estate Exams in the country. Anne has been a Real Estate Agent for over 20 years and has real life experience to help you pass the exam. Click here to learn more.

NC Real Estate Exam Audiobook Preview (Riparian Rights)

by Anne Rasheed | Pass the Exam